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How Was Marriage Equality Really Won? Lessons For The Movement Today

Marriage equality has been the crowning achievement of the queer rights movement since the...

After the Marriage Equality Referendum: What Next for LGBTQ Rights in Australia?

Editorial comment from the November-December 2017 issue of The Socialist, magazine of the Socialist...

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150 March with Kshama in Seattle Pride

The Kshama Sawant re-election campaign joined the celebrations of the Seattle Pride Parade with an energetic contingent of 150 supporters.

Supreme Court Decision – Historic Victory for LGBTQ People

The Supreme Court's decision that same sex couples have the right to be married in all 50 states is an historic victory which was the result of a determined, well-organized mass campaign.

2016 Presidential Campaign Underway

American Politics in Flux: A Socialist Analysis -- In an increasing wave of social struggle we can see the outlines of new emerging movement of the left in the US.

Beyond the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

The Next Steps In Queer Liberation This month, the Supreme Court will rule on whether...

Massive ‘Yes’ to Irish Marriage Equality Referendum

The 'Yes' vote to the Marriage Equality referendum represented a huge vote in support of equality for LGBTQ people and in support of progress and social change.

Explosive Contradictions Reshaping U.S. Politics

American society today is in a state of simmering discontent. Space is growing for a fightback in workplaces, on the streets, and at the ballot box.

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