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Britain: Massive Demonstration Shows Battle to Save the NHS Can Be Won

Up to 250,000 March in National Protest, Organized from Below For hours they poured off...

Mobile Socialist Alternative Builds Anti-Police Brutality Coalition

In the wake of the extrajudicial murders of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice,...

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Impact of #BlackLivesMatter at MLK Day Events Across the Country

This year’s MLK Day comes in the wake of the explosive #BlackLivesMatter movement, organized by thousands of black youth and allies across the country engaging in direct actions, rallies, and marches challenging police brutality and the racist justice system.

Mass Protest and Strikes Erupt in Turkey Against AKP Government and Mine-Owning Cronies

Soma mine disaster deadliest in the country’s history On Tuesday 13, apparently faulty electrical equipment...

May Day: Lessons from Yesterday and Today

On May 1, workers in many countries and unions organize large demonstrations and celebrations for International Workers Day. May 1 commemorates the struggle for the eight-hour day in 1886.

Letter Sent in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Detainees

Re-posted from (originally posted March 11, 2014) The following letter was sent from the...

1200 Jailed Immigrants on Hunger Strike

Resisting Record Deportations and Inhumane Conditions Eyewitness Report by Joe Sonntag  On Friday, March 7, immigrant...

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