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Bernie: Don’t Drop Out or Endorse Biden!

We Need Bernie’s Movement More Than Ever We live in a time of extreme crisis....

Sanders Needs to Run as an Independent in November

The massive support for Bernie Sanders' political revolution has turned the Democratic primary into...

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VIDEO: Kshama Sawant Election Night Speech

After campaigning against an onslaught of corporate cash (over $200,000 donated directly to a...

Sawant Gives Socialist Welcome to Bernie Sanders

On Saturday August 8 the most well known socialists in the U.S., Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Seattle Socialist Alternative City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, will share the same stage to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Social Security and Medicare.

Bernie Sanders calls for Political Revolution against Billionaires

Over the next year the main arena for discussion and debate on anti-corporate politics will be within and around Sanders campaign. All those forces which recognize the vital need for independent left politics need to orient towards the likely big audience which will gather around Bernie.

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