Defend Roe v Wade. Take Action NOW!

Socialist Alternative is building the movement to defend and extend reproductive rights. Follow this page to find actions in your area.


Roe v Wade has been overturned. We need to hit the streets. Socialist Alternative is organizing protests all over the country. Find one near you.

Action Assemblies

Socialist Alternative is organizing Action Assemblies all over the country to discuss next steps for the movement to defend Roe v. Wade. Find an assembly near you.

No More Excuses: Democrats must codify Roe v. Wade NOW or we won't vote for them in November.

The Democrats have had 50 years to codify Roe. This petition was launched by Kshama Sawant (socialist Seattle City Council Member) and has been signed by Chris Hedges (journalist), Byron Sigcho-Lopez (Chicago Alderman), Robin Wonsley-Worlobah (Minneapolis City Councilmember), and Ryan Knight (podcaster). Sign on today and share widely.

MAY 14 PROTESTS: Join the Socialist Feminist Contingent

Planned Parenthood is calling for protests on Saturday, May 14. Come march with the socialist feminists as we call for walkouts, strikes, and direct action to defend Roe. We need free abortion on demand, free and universal childcare, and Medicare for All including reproductive and gender affirming care.

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May 13: Student Walkouts

We are helping to organize high school and college walkouts across the country. Find an existing walkout here, or if you’d like to organize a walkout at your school check out our resources to the right.