Support The Socialists This Holiday Season!


Click here to watch the video for our Holiday Supporters Drive!

For working people, the winter holidays represent a time to celebrate and relax as the seasons change. For super-rich CEOs, this season represents a time to try to squeeze even more profits out of the working class by peddling products to us and demanding long hours and holiday shifts from many workers. 

There’s no shortage of urgent problems we have to contend with today, from the impacts of the economic crisis to the ever-accelerating climate catastrophe. 

These systemic issues have their root in the for-profit capitalist system that’s wholly incapable of solving them in any real way. In order to really change anything – to stop the war, to reverse climate catastrophe, to create a liveable, just world for all – we need to take on the billionaire class with the fight for socialism.

That’s exactly what Socialist Alternative is doing, and our work wouldn’t be possible without financial support from working people like you. Socialist Alternative is totally funded by donations from our members and supporters. 

From now until January 1st, we’re launching a Holiday Supporters Drive to build up our resources so that we can wage even bigger struggles for a socialist future in the years to come. Click here to become a Supporter with a monthly donation to SA. If you sign up for at least $10 a month before January 1st, we’ll send you a free 1-year subscription to our newspaper so you can get a Marxist analysis and fighting strategy delivered straight to your mailbox or email.

This year has been packed full of struggle for our organization and working people everywhere. Check out the video below to recap the movements we’ve built and supported this year, from abortion rights to labor organizing.

This year, consider giving yourself and all working people the gift of building the fight to end this profit-driven system that enables a few wealthy people to hoard the world’s resources at the expense of the rest of us. If you support the work Socialist Alternative does, can you make that support concrete with a monthly donation?

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