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15 Now Leader Ginger Jentzen Running for Minneapolis City Council

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Packing into a nightclub in the heart of NE Minneapolis on January 25, a crowd of 250 cheered as Socialist Alternative member Ginger Jentzen declared her candidacy for City Council in Ward 3. A former low-wage restaurant worker, Ginger emerged as a leading voice for a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, serving as the Executive Director of 15 Now MN since 2014. Jentzen’s announcement closed out the rally headlined by Kshama Sawant.

“How can we translate the mass opposition we saw last weekend into an ongoing, powerful movement to actually block Trump’s billionaire agenda, from City Hall, to the State Capitol, and at the national level?,” Jentzen asked the audience.

“By offering a bold vision for social change, for a $15 minimum wage, for affordable housing for all, for free quality medicare for all, for a society free from racism, sexism, and environmental destruction. As Bernie Sanders’ campaign proved, the best way to inspire the kind of mass movement we need to defeat Trump is by linking our opposition to the right-wing with a wider movement against the billionaire class.” (read the full text of her speech here)

The financial appeal raised over $7,000 for the campaign. “And we can promise you that, with the backing of Socialist Alternative, Ginger’s campaign will build the strongest volunteer base, knock on more doors, and build the broadest base of donors of any city council campaign in Minneapolis,” said the event’s emcee, Ty Moore, who ran for city council as a member of Socialist Alternative in 2013 and lost by only 229 votes in Ward 9.

“We need political representatives in City Hall who will fight unambiguously for working people and oppressed communities, who refuse corporate donations, who have proven themselves as uncompromising fighters,” said Jentzen in her announcement speech. “That is not possible if you have loyalty to a political party trying to serve two bosses – trying to represent both big business and working class people… I pledge to refuse any donations from big business interests, and as a city council member, I’d only take the average wage of a worker in this Ward, donating half of my $80,000 salary to social movements.”

This report is based off a press release about Ginger Jentzen’s campaign announcement.

Follow Ginger’s campaign on Facebook and visit her campaign’s website.

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