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Video: Not me, us. Spread it.

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We did it!  One week ago we set the target of reaching 20,000 people signing our petition calling on Sanders to run as an Independent- as of today we’ve smashed our target with 20,600.

Let’s set a new target of 30,000 people by end of next. If we’re going to reach more people, it’s going to take all of us getting involved. The easiest way to do that is to share the petition with 5 people – if everyone did that we’d reach over 70,000 people!

Watch and share this powerful video a supporter made:

We’re having an impact with our petition. Kshama Sawant’s interview with NowThis promoting our petition has been viewed 1.4 million times!’s redacted tonight had a whole segment promoting our petition was viewed by over 25,000 people, andKshama’s article in CounterPunch was shared over 10,000 times.

Our movement is at a critical juncture. Millions are asking whether Bernie, if he is blocked in the Democratic Party’s primary, should urge our movement to back Clinton or continue the fight for a political revolution. We should be absolutely clear: Clinton, the Democratic Party establishment, and Wall Street Super PACs are adamantly opposed to our political revolution and are determined to stamp it out.  Bernie Sanders running as an independent and breaking out of the straightjacket of the Democratic Party could lay the foundations for a new party for the 99%.

Whatever the outcome of this election, the most important thing is to stay organized to make sure our movement grows. If you agree, forward this petition to five friends right now. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s build on our momentum and hit 30,000 signatures in the week ahead.

Forward the petition on now.  Share the video. Let’s hit 30,000!

In solidarity,

Ty Moore
National Organizer


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