Tom Morello’s Axis of Justice Urges Support for Socialist Candidates


Fellow Workers,

Congress, the puppets of billionaires, have shut down social services while maintaining their repression and spying. Sick of corporate politics? There is hope in the coming month! Two anti-capitalist campaigns for City Council in Minneapolis and Seattle have a chance to put independent, grassroots, working-class politics on the map.

Ty Moore and Kshama Sawant, both members of Socialist Alternative, are backed by coalitions including the Green Party, trade unions and community organizers. Both campaigns are independent of the two parties of big business; both refuse to take donations from corporations; both can win, and both need your help.

These are not just strictly electoral campaigns; they are helping to build movements of working people. See this inspiring video of Ty helping Occupy Homes in Minneapolis stop the banks from evicting people:

Both Ty and Kshama haven’t just “talked the talk”. They’ve walked the walk, getting arrested with striking workers and with homeowners blockading evictions carried out by the big banks and cops. If elected, Ty and Kshama will both take only the wage of an average worker, giving the rest of their salaries to social justice movements.

Backing up the fast food worker strikes, both Ty and Kshama have raised the demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to form a union. A victory for either one of these candidates would be a historic step forward, and they need your help. The maximum donation is $300 for Ty’s campaign and $700 for Kshama’s. Every little bit helps, but please consider giving all you can. We can make history!

Donate to Ty’s campaign here:
Donate to Kshama’s campaign here: