Seamus Whelan for Boston City Council, At-Large


Seamus Whelan, a registered nurse and active member of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), has seen firsthand the damage that capitalist profiteering has done to our health care system and the unwillingness of the two parties of Wall Street to address the problem. Whelan is running as a Socialist Alternative candidate in the At-Large (citywide) race for Boston City Council. Seamus is also endorsed by the Green-Rainbow Party and numerous union activists.

As an MNA delegate to the 2012 convention of National Nurses United (NNU), the nation’s largest staff RN union with 185,000 members, Whelan successfully moved an amendment that, “the NNU will consider supporting/endorsing independent candidates to challenge the two parties of Wall Street and the 1%, Democratic and Republican, in local, state, or national election races of our choosing as these parties seek to carry out major attacks on public services and programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.”

We have an uphill battle to get on the ballot – 1,500 valid signatures in three weeks! – but we have seen support pour in since the campaign was announced. We expect to make a big impact on local politics while advancing the discussion in the labor movement about the need for a working-class party and building Socialist Alternative.