The Vote Sawant Campaign kicked off our campaign for Seattle City Council on Friday, March 22. It was clear from the energy in the room that Socialist Alternative and the Sawant Campaign are making a real impact in Seattle. Throughout the evening 100 people came to the event.

The night started off with activists from the community speaking about their support for Kshama’s candidacy. Katie Wilson from the Seattle Transit Rider’s Union spoke about fighting for a low wage fare on King County Metro buses followed by Steven Price from SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction) about their struggle to end foreclosures and keep working-class Seattleites in their homes and off the streets.

Kshama took the microphone to roaring applause and cheers from those gathered to hear how she would change the face of Seattle City Council. She laid out her platform ranging from putting the brakes on environmentally disastrous coal trains running through Seattle to a Millionaires Tax to fund education and public transportation.

She called for the mobilization of working-class Seattleites to help build mass movements to support the passage of these reforms and to win many other victories. She went on to promise she would not accept the $120,000 that Seattle City Council members make and instead only take the wage of an average worker and donate the rest to grassroots movements. She ended the night by challenging her 16-year Democratic Party incumbent Richard Conlin to a debate but warned that he might want to get some tips from the Democratic state House Speaker Frank Chopp before he finds himself in over his head.

Journalist and outspoken supporter, Geov Parrish, with the support of Socialist Alternative activist and MC, Sarah White, fired the crowd up as pledges of support began to roll in. On the night, the Sawant campaign raised $2,000! The event was followed up by a weekend of signature gathering that raked in around 300 signatures, once again demonstrating the impact that Kshama’s campaign in 2012 had on the political landscape of Seattle. We’re looking forward to another exciting campaign!

How You Can Support our Campaign:
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2) Donate on-line at
Unlike our opponent and other incumbents on the Council, we are not financed by big business and the 1%. Our political work is carried out by dedicated volunteers, and relies on the financial support of ordinary workers, young people, and activists. Contributions of any size are invaluable.

3) Volunteer at
We are running a 100% grassroots, working-class campaign. We rely on ordinary people contributing their time and energy to build our campaign. We need you to get involved! There are many things we need help with, so you can pick a task that works for you!

4) Endorse our candidate at
Invite Kshama Sawant and/or a campaign representative to talk with your organization about endorsing. Please also personally endorse as an individual.

5) Join Socialist Alternative!
We have weekly activist meetings, events, and education programs to help understand the key lessons of past movements and how we can change society.

For more information or to get involved in the Sawant campaign and/or Socialist Alternative:
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Twitter: @VoteSawant

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