Sawant says “Throw Chopp, Pedersen, and all corporate politicians out!”

Statement from the Sawant Campaign for the Washington State House of Representatives

The Kshama Sawant campaign welcomes the endorsement by the widely read Seattle weekly newspaper, The Stranger, in its July 18th issue (

The Stranger calls Sawant, who is running as a Socialist Alternative candidate, “an articulate firebrand … who understands exactly how the state’s tax structure is failing its people and exactly what legislators must do to improve it.” Sawant explains “I am running to reverse the $10.5 billion the state has cut from essential social services since 2008, such as education and Basic Health, by taxing the super-rich and corporate profits. Simply reversing 500 tax exemptions given to big business by their bought-off political representatives would bring in $6.5 billion per year.”

“In a time of growing unemployment, poverty, student debt, and massive budget cuts to education, healthcare, and public transit, how can we afford to continue giving handouts to corporate behemoths like Boeing and Microsoft when they are sitting on billions in profits?” Sawant asked.

The Stranger also commented, “And hot damn would it be thrilling to send a brash, uncompromising Socialist Alternative legislator to Olympia to kick some majority-squandering, safety-net-degrading Democratic ass.”

This endorsement is indicative of the increasing interest and support the Sawant campaign has been picking up. This was also shown by the recent endorsement Sawant received from the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, representing 4,000 transit workers, the largest public sector union in the Seattle area.

However, we disagree with The Stranger in its decision to endorse the corporate lawyer and Democratic Party incumbent Jamie Pedersen for position 1 in the 43rd district for the State Legislature, where Sawant is on the ballot as the only challenger to Pedersen. The Stranger is calling for a write-in vote for Kshama Sawant against incumbent Democratic Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, in position 2 in the 43rd district for the State House of Representatives.

The Stranger argues that Pedersen is the wrong Democrat for Sawant to run against since “Pedersen isn’t part of the Democratic problem” and should instead be running against Frank Chopp who has presided “over a decade of budget cuts while doing nothing to address our state’s structural deficit.”

Our campaign argues that the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is bought and owned by the 1% and big business. Kshama Sawant points out “Big business has two parties, why shouldn’t working people have one? I am running to help build a political movement to give a voice to the 99%, as Occupy Wall Street started to do last year. The Stranger is absolutely right that Frank Chopp should be thrown out of office, and I welcome their call for voters to write in my name for the position against Chopp. However, I also oppose Jamie Pedersen and the Democratic Party as a whole.

“Pedersen voted for the same budget cuts as Chopp.” They both have such an anti-worker record that the Washington State Labor Council took the unusual step of refusing to endorse Pedersen and Chopp. I ask for your vote in the 43rd District for Position 1. I also support The Stranger‘s call for writing in my name for Position 2. Send a message to Chopp, Pedersen, and all corporate politicians that we have had enough!”

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