On Saturday, October 15, the Wall Street protest in Seattle reached its largest demonstration of support to date with upwards of 5,000 demonstrators, coinciding with a stunning retaking of Westlake Park in the heart of downtown in defiance of the Mayor’s ban on tents.

This Saturday, October 29 marks a new development for the local Occupy movement with the bold moving of the occupation to Seattle Central Community College.

However, the president of Seattle Central Community College, Paul Killpatrick, has been anything but welcoming thus far to the movement even though the protesters are highlighting their opposition to education budget cuts which have devastated the college.

In the face of growing police repression of Occupy Wall Street protests across the country, and not that Occupy Seattle faces a critical juncture, we are urgently appealing for support from activists, workers and students in Seattle, around the U.S. and internationally.

Call and/or email Seattle Central Community College President Paul Kilpatrick to tell him:

  • Do not allow police harassment of students, staff, or other Wall Street protesters camping in front of Seattle Central Community College!
  • Do not punish students or staff supporting protests against education budget cuts!

Phone: (206) 934-4144
Email: pkillpatrick@sccd.ctc.edu

Copy and use the model letter below to email the college president.