A video of speeches from the 2011 Northwest Socialism Conference

CINDY SHEEHAN: Following her son’s death in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan gained national prominence in 2005 as thousands joined her protest camp outside President Bush’s vacation ranch in Texas. When the Democrats won control of Congress in 2006, only to continue Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Cindy decided to challenge then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for Congress, receiving an impressive 17% of the vote as an Independent candidate. Now she identifies capitalism as the cause of the world’s problems and democratic socialism as the alternative.

PHILIP LOCKER: Philip Locker has been an editor for Socialist Alternative’s newspaper, Justice and a national organizer for Socialist Alternative for over 10 years. He has also been a central organizer of walkouts of thousands of students against the Wisconsin Republicans’ anti-union bill and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Philip has also been a prominent activist in Ralph Nader’s campaigns for President of the U.S.

Filmed by Alexander R. King – www.arkphotos.com.

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