The Battle in Wisconsin Needs Your Help!


For two weeks now working people and youth in Wisconsin have been waging a heroic battle to defend union rights, jobs and public services. Tens of thousand have responded in mass demonstrations, daily rallies and an on-going occupation of the Capitol building. We haven’t seen anything like this in the US in decades. If Governor Walker can get his way it will not only mean the effective destruction of public sector unions in Wisconsin it would mark an open season on all unions and working people across the US. But a victory would give enormous boost of confidence to everyone looking to fight back against the cuts, layoffs and the corporate agenda.

Incredibly, Walker has arrogantly disregarded the democratic voice of the people and showed no sign of backing down. The trade union leaders meanwhile have offered enormous concessions and have put forward no clear strategy beyond rallies and relying on the Democratic party. A bolder strategy to turn up the heat on Walker is absolutely critical. Socialist Alternative has energetically supported the struggles in Madison. We have been petitioning and gathering support for the idea of rapidly organizing a one-day public sector general strike as the next step to put maximum pressure on Walker to back down.

We are continuing to push for this bold step but already the costs have been very high. With travel costs, printing of material and other expenses we’ve spent over $2,000 already and will be spending much more. If, like us, you feel there is an urgent need to popularize the idea of a one-day general strike, please consider helping us with a donation today. We all need to come together to support this crucial battle for the future of the labor movement and you can make a real contribution even if you can’t physically be there in Wisconsin.

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You can also read the leaflet we have been distributing in Madison here.

These are historical times we are living through. The attacks coming down on working people all across the country and the world show this whole system which puts profits for a tiny elite above human need is bankrupt. We need fundamental change where working people have a say in the running of society through the transformation of society to democratic socialism. If you agree with these ideas and our approach to the struggle in Wisconsin you should also consider joining Socialist Alternative.

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Thank you,
Jesse Lessinger

Socialist Alternative
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