Socialism 2009 – Washington Conference


On Saturday November 14th Socialist Alternative will be hosting a conference bringing together activists from throughout Washington State. Topics of discussion will include: Obama and the Democratic Party; Opposing the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the 1919 Seattle General Strike; the Movement for LGBT Rights; Anarchism & Marxism; Global Warming; and featuring a debate with Seattle Times columnist Jon Talton – Socialism vs. Capitalism: Has the Free-market System Failed?

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    10:30 – Coffee and Bagels
    11:00 – Opening Remarks
    11:15 – Obama and the Democrats in Power: How Can we Win the Change we Need
    1:00 – Lunch
    2:00 – Workshops and Breakout Discussions

    • 90th Anniversary of the 1919 Seattle General Strike: Lessons for the Labor movement Today
    • Anarchism or Marxism: How Can Capitalism be Defeated?
    • Copenhagen Summit: How Can We Stop Global Warming?
    • Organizing Against the War in Your High School
    • Opposing the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Discussion Led by Iraq Veterans
    • LGBT Rights: Next Steps for the Movement After Ref. 71

    4:30 – Debate: Capitalism vs. Socialism – Has the Free-market System Failed?
    6:40 – Closing Remarks

Featured Debate

Philip Locker is a member of the editorial board of Justice, the newspaper of Socialist Alternative. His views appear here. Jon Talton is a columnist with the Seattle Times. His column “On the Economy” can be read here.

They will debate the implications of the recession. Has the free-market system failed? And what is the alternative? Democratic socialism, or a reformed capitalism?


Saturday November 14th 2009
10:30am – 7:00pm

Seattle University Admin Building
The corner of 10th ave. and E. Madison St.
Seattle, Washington

For any questions contact us at, (206)841-5566 or [email protected].

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$10 suggested donation
(no one will be turned away for inability to pay)

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