Why I Am a Socialist


My life and everyone I know is under attack in the name of capitalism. 

My mother is a state worker facing budget cuts. The only job my dad has ever loved is coaching soccer and, maybe you’ve heard, love doesn’t pay the bills. My brother is a soldier and left for Iraq three weeks after his daughter was born. Our family was left wondering if London would ever get to know her father. My husband owes thousands of dollars in medical bills, although he has insurance. I am struggling with either working so I can pay for school or going into debt to be a full-time student.

It’s overwhelming when you realize that you are immersed in a class struggle. What choice do I have? I just want my family, myself, and everyone else in the world to stop suffering in the name of greed and corruption and to be able to live full, satisfying lives. I am dedicated to the socialist movement to awaken society to its struggle.

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