Why I Am a Socialist


I first started having socialist views in middle school. In the sixth grade, we took a political survey and I was the most radical in my class. Even at my young age, I could not grasp why there were so many problems in our country when we were supposedly the number one nation and everyone was jealous of our freedom.

As the world continued to crumble before my eyes, I became even more radicalized. A war on Iraq was waged and it was painfully obvious it was for oil. While our government dropped bombs, I picked up books, educating myself on the war and furthering my political education.

Last fall, I came to the University of Minnesota, knowing I wanted to join a group. I met Socialist Alternative during the strike of University healthcare and clerical workers my first week on campus. I joined the strike solidarity group and participated in a student hunger strike in solidarity with the union workers.

The amount of time and effort that Socialist Alternative members put in was remarkable. After the strike was ended, I was convinced this was the best organization to make a difference in.