Forty years since Che Guevara’s murder, the struggle against imperialism and for socialism continues!

Struggle is breaking out throughout the continent, and socialist ideas are reemerging amongst workers and the poor. In many countries, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI, with which Socialist Alternative is in political solidarity) is playing an active role in this process. Our Brazilian section played a key role in the formation of the Party for Socialism and Liberty, which received 7 million votes in the 2006 presidential elections as an alternative to the neo-liberal policies of the Lula government.

In Chile, we participated in the massive student strikes against privatization and underfunding of schools earlier this year. We also recently established new CWI groups in Venezuela and Bolivia.

For the first time, the CWI is holding a Latin American school in Brazil from February 14-19, 2008 so that socialists from across Latin America can come together for a week of discussion, debate, and reports.

In a region where 41% of the population struggles to survive on less than $2/day, activists face huge challenges to carry out the most basic tasks that we would take for granted in the U.S. We are appealing to all our readers to make a donation – no matter how small (or large!) – to allow the CWI in Latin America to have the resources needed to spread the ideas of genuine Marxism throughout the continent!

Checks payable to Socialist Alternative can be sent to: P.O. Box 45343, Seattle WA 98145

For more information on the CWI and socialism in Latin America, visit the CWI’s Spanish language website,

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