Becoming a socialist for me wasn’t really a huge deal. I really didn’t have a great epiphany or a life-changing experience. I was a product of a union family. Since I was a child, union activity was a huge part of many people’s lives in my family. Despite the various positions that were held within the union, I watched these people live paycheck to paycheck. There was this constant looming feeling that we were still just getting by.

It became evident to me when I was a child that hard work doesn’t truly pay off. The system that we were buying into, the “American Dream,” was not our reality. It is all a façade. I joined Socialist Alternative because, out of all the groups that I have come across throughout the course of my life, Socialist Alternative is the one that has made the most sense to me.

Socialist Alternative sets forth the clear objectives of building a workers’ party and moving our nation to a true democratic and socialist society. These two objectives are two that I believe in strongly, and this is why I joined Socialist Alternative.

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