Socialist Alternative in Seattle is working with Youth Against War and Racism (YAWR) to organize a citywide student walkout on April 18 to protest the Iraq war and the parasitic presence of military recruiters in our schools.

While the American people voted overwhelmingly against the war in the November elections, the new Congress is refusing to end the war and now Bush is escalating it. It’s up to us – students and ordinary working people – to take determined action to end this war. A massive student walkout will show that we will not allow business as usual until we see an end to this war.

The walkout is also directed at the Seattle school board, which is meeting on April 18. We will be protesting the school board meeting, demanding that they kick military recruiters out of our schools and cancel their plans to close seven Seattle public schools next year because of a “budget shortfall.” It is totally unacceptable to be closing down schools at a time when class sizes are already way too large, yet the U.S. government is spending $500 billion on the Iraq war and $500 billion on the Pentagon. We say, we need money for schools, not for war!

So far, we have had a tremendous response from students across the city. The excitement has also spread to community organizations, teachers, and parents. Many have written to express support, send donations, or are actively spreading the word.

Join us as we walkout of class at noon, rally downtown at Westlake at 1pm, and then march to the School Board building for a large rally with live music, exciting speakers and more! If you want to get involved, help spread the word, or make a donation contact us at: * * (206) 683-0294

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