Ireland – The Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) doubled its number of elected city councilors in the recent local elections, winning four councilors and its first ever council seat outside of Dublin (Cork City Council). The party was rewarded for its leading role in the anti-garbage tax protest last year.

England/Wales – In recent local elections, the Socialist Party (CWI in England/Wales) had two councilors reelected in the city of Coventry. A third sitting councilor was not reelected due to redistricting of the ward. Yet all three sitting Socialist Party councilors tallied higher vote numbers than in the last election they contested. In the following cities the party garnered very good results: 13% in Deptford, 12% in Stoke, 10% in Swansea. In addition, the party received 23% in one Liverpool ward and 16% in London’s Lincoln neighborhood. Overall, 48 candidates stood on the party ticket in 34 council wards.

Pakistan – Responding to the need to fight capitalism, imperialism, and mass poverty, CWI members initiated the founding meeting of a new revolutionary socialist organization on April 17. The meeting was attended by over 60 people, and culminated in the formation of the Socialist Movement, the fusion of CWI members and another socialist organization. Seven CWI members from Kashmir were also in attendance.

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