To learn about Marxism, the philosophical outlook underlying socialist politics, please visit (This is the Marxist resources website of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the international organization with which Socialist Alternative stands in political solidarity.)

Pamphlets and Books

Challenging Capitalism and the Two Parties – Can a Left Alternative Be Built?
The Battle of Wisconsin – History and Lessons From the Working-Class Revolt of 2011
Why You Should Be a Socialist
Socialism in the 21st Century – The Way Forward for Anti-Capitalism
Manifesto of the Fastfood Worker
Save Our Schools: The Fight to Defeat the Corporate Attack on Public Education
Political Crisis and Resistance – Perspectives for Struggle in 2012
The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X
Panther: The Black Rebellion
Russia: How the Bureaucracy Seized Power
The Russian Revolution – 1917
Lenin: The Original Dictator?
Global Warning – Socialism and the Environment
It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This – Women and the Struggle for Socialism
France 1968: Month of Revolution
The Boeing Rip-Off: Corporate Power and the Buying of the Washington State Legislature
A Fighting Program for Teamsters
Marxism and the State – An Exchange
Marxism Opposes Terrorism
Right-Wing Political Islam and the Taliban
Imperialism and the Gulf War (1990-91)
Empire Defeated: The Vietnam War – Lessons for Today
Poor, Black, and Left to Die: What Katrina Shows About American Capitalism
Venezuela: Revolution and Counter-Revolution
Socialists and the 2012 Elections
The Stonewall Riots – 1969
Trotsky’s Relevance Today
The Struggle for Socialism Today – A Reply to the Politics of the Socialist Workers Party
Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism! Toward a New Direction for the Labor Movement
Support Nader’s Campaign for President (2004, Algunos de los artículos son en Español)
Why We Need a Labor Party
Lessons of Chile
Che Guevara: Symbol of Struggle
Che Guevara: Símbolo de Lucha (en Español)
China: The Tradition of Struggle
Eyewitness in China: The Events in Tiananmen Square May-June 1989
Crisis in the Middle East
Fighting for Women: Rights and Socialism
9/11 and The War on Terror
No to Bush’s War on Iraq
A Socialist World Is Possible – History of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI)
Beyond the Troubles?: Northern Ireland’s Past and Future
Liverpool: The City That Dared to Fight
Can the U.S. Stop the Civil War in Iraq?
Divide and Rule: Labor and the Partition of Ireland
The Future for Socialism: CWI European School 1996 Reports
Indonesia – An Unfinished Revolution
Nigeria – Civil Rule in Danger
Planning Green Growth
Sound Before the Fury of the Oppressed

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“We've proved in Seattle that socialist ideas and independent working-class politics can be victorious against corporate cash. When we fight, we win!” -Kshama Sawant

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